Well Kiddies, this is all about little old me. Dr Gore

I was a Dr by trade, trained on the backstreets of Camden by a few drunk Punks. I would prowl the streets at night just looking for that special patient. You know the type I mean. Tender, juicy and vulnerable. Then it would be a quick trip back to my surgery for operations and a tasty dinner.

Then my world changed. I became sick myself and went to New Orleans to convalesce. There I was cared for by a Bokor who taught me the ways of ancient Voodoo. Now properly armed to torment both body and soul, I was ready for my next step for I know I am destined for greatness.

So to you I offer my gift. Life, death, immorality, and dinner. There really is no difference anyway. Just another meal away until I rule you all. 

So until we meet my dearest victim I bid you adieu.

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