Close up

Perfect for small intimate groups and at tables.
Using a variety of items from cards, coins, and scarves to the more unusual, Dr Gore (in or out of character) will dazzle and mystify you, all mixed with with razor like humour, he will keep you entertained beyond your wildest dreams.


Can be used from stage or in intimate groups.
Do you dare to let the Dr inside your head?
Incredible feats of mind reading, thought control, and a wander through the human psyche. Come take this journey with the Dr and open the doors that were meant to stay shut.


Perfect for stage and small intimate groups
Dr Gore as well as being an accomplished magician is also a trained sideshow performer.
Trained to do death defying feats that no sane man would even consider. Pushing his limits with his own body, come see him eat broken glass, drill into his own body, jump and dance in broken glass, and much much more.
Do you dare to see how far he is willing to go for your entertainment?

Seance magic

Perfect for table or stage performances
Dr Gore rips apart the veil at the crossroads between the living and the dead. Here is your chance to communicate with the other side, interact with ghosts and understand the real truths long hidden in the shroud of the afterlife.
How far are you willing to go to understand the world beyond.

Stage Show

Come talk a walk in Dr Gore’s world where you get to experience his brand of medicine that may have long since forgotten medical ethics.
With his special brand of DIY surgery, and Voodoo Witch doctory he will take you on a guided tour through his bizarre fascinations with the macabre. With very strong elements of dark humour, enjoy a roller coaster ride through your wildest dreams and your worst nightmares.

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