Well kiddies it’s been a while.
Alot has happened.
My creator survived his birthday party again, with all my medical practices at his service free and gratis.
It was definitely one to remember.

I did lose a few things there though.
1 ghost.
1 pair of trousers and I left a guest in his freezer.
If you are reading this, could you hold on to them for me.
Ghost is house trained, so you don’t need to worry.

Next stop Rebellion festival.
Yes 4 days in sunny Blackpool with nothing to do but party, drink ether and see 500+ punk bands.
Well when your creator turns 40, he needs his Dr by his side more than ever.

You can’t let your creator die by anyone else’s hands now can you?

Well I shall first off wish Roger Tann a very happy birthday for Saturday, and look forward to keeping you alive for another year.

Was lovely to see everyone who came over the weekend.
You all looked so terribly sick.
Please come for an examination soon, or I may be too late.

So for now, this is Dr Gore signing off.

#DrGore #rebellion #birthday

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