Well kiddies, I’ve stuck ghost in her manky sock as I wanted to tell you all about my last few days.
#Comicon should have been named Vilancon just due to the number of villains there.

People there are too trusting. They let me, Dr Gore behind enemy lines.
I learnt much about the cutified #Anime world.
I stroked a cats ear and a foxes tail.
I bought a #hellokitty and learned much from the crazy hello kitty fanatics out there.

Now those of you who know me as the honest Dr, who might have a patient for dinner, might be a bit confused as to my behaviour.
Don’t be. It was a reconnaissance mission.
How can i do real hello kitty horror if i don’t know how to really cut to the heart of a true hello kitty fan.

I may feel somewhat disgusted at myself for owning a hello kitty doll, but i can console myself with the knowledge that I will truly be able to slice to the bone of all the hello kitty fans out there.

One particular event however did stick in my mind, and it did show me that anime characters have balls.
I saw a pissed up angry pikachu try and take on darth vader, and get hit with a lightsaber for his trouble.
Funny as fuck.

Anyway kiddies its time for my next patient.
So for now this is Dr Gore signing off.

#GOREUK #DrGore #magic

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