Well kiddies it’s have been rather quiet of late and this is yet another post that should be read.

Me and ghost have been having a long chat about #Brexit.
Seems to be all anyone is really talking about.
So I thought I would weigh in on this subject.

I think leaving #Europe is one of the most bloody stupid ideas I have ever heard in my life.
First off I am all for free trafficking of people round Europe.
How else am i going to have a new range of people from all ethnic backgrounds to practice medicine on and have for dinner?
How else am I going to have freedom to wander around Europe plying my trade?
Plus if we end up neck deep in yet another recession, that I’m not sure we ever got out of, how much more cuts to the disabled and unemployed will our now autonomous government make?
And while we are all so deep in debt that we are wading though the blood of the suicides, who exactly is going to pay my medical fees.
Medicine certainly won’t be free or cheap in this grand new Brexit world.

So on this ghost and I are of the same mind.
Vote to stay in Europe.
This is one vote where I won’t be voting for myself.
So for now this is #DrGore signing off.
#Remain #EUreferendum

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